Building a Waffle

Go ahead, try and change a waffle. Not possible. One can adorn it, garnish it, or whatever, but a waffle is a waffle. What’s my point? Well, when setting out to build Monkey Box, I was enchanted by the idea … Read More

Vancouver Sun’s Gillian Shaw talks about Monkey Box

As an IT consultant, I had a wealthy client many years ago, with whom I had a great, friendly relationship. One day over coffee, I nonchalantly asked him what he thought the secret to his business success and wealth was. … Read More

Monkey Box Swings into Web Summit

Monkey Box is swinging into Web Summit in Dublin this October, and we’re going full-out bananas. Why Web Summit? Its the SXSW of Ireland — but we think it does a wee bit more for startups than its Texan cousin. … Read More

Monkey Box IT Asset Management Startup Launches for Web Summit Dublin

When it comes to managing client-related data, it’s a true jungle out there. Enter Monkey Box. An exciting new startup straight from the Canadian rainforest, Monkey Box is aimed at helping high-tech service providers document assets, passwords, files and much … Read More

Real Artists Ship

“Real Artists Ship” is a well-known quote by Steve Jobs, that refers to how important it is to actually deliver a product (if that’s what one has set out to do). These three words have been a driving force behind … Read More