Nomenclature Guidelines

When setting out to provide a functionality for keeping notes and other information, we thought long and hard about whether building a category system (or similar) would make sense. Ultimately, we decided that this “funnels” the behaviour too much, and … Read More

Sharing Links by Email (Mac)

When viewing a password, note, attachement, or any other information in Monkey Box, it’s very easy to share a link to that particular page by email, rather than insecurely sending the information itself On a Mac, in Safari or Chrome, … Read More

Managing the List of Service Providers

The list of Service Providers can now be managed by subscription owners and subscription admins. 1) From the “Manage” drop-down menu, click “Service Providers”: 2) The list of Service Providers used in your subscription can now be viewed, and any … Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts

Monkey Box has many shortcuts available within the app to provide easy navigation one single-shortcut access to commonly-access features. Shortcut Description C Focusses on the Client Chooser S Focusses on the Search window esc Releases focus from Client Chooser or … Read More

Archiving Records

Monkey Box allows “archiving” any record, for the purpose of hiding it from view, but keeping it for historical purposes. 1) When editing a record, a password for instance, click the “Archive this Password” link at the bottom of the … Read More

Contact Password Workflows

When tracking specific types of contact passwords, it may be useful to adopt a certain methodology or nomenclature to do so. This allows keeping some structure to the way things are documented, for simplicity and consistency. It’s our goal to … Read More

Devices (Concepts)

Devices are a key component of Monkey Box, and can be created in two places: The “Add a device” action in the Passwords area The “Add a device” action in the Devices area Examples of devices might include: Servers Laptops and workstations Mobile devices … Read More