Monkey Box Inc. was born to solve a long-standing question: how can we stop pretending to be responsible IT providers, and start providing proper IT asset management documentation while providing clients with unfettered access to *their* data? We never did find a ready-made solution, so we decided to develop our own.

Enter Monkey Box – a platform for transparency, responsibility, and security. Something we can be proud of sharing with our clients.

Monkey Box is designed as superior collaboration software – we needed to be able to share data amongst the team, with our clients, and with subcontractors. Unlike our former data-hoarding selves, we no longer suffer from the “What happens if you get hit by a bus?” objection, since all parties involved now have on-demand access. Monkey Box will be an ever-evolving platform, as we build additional features and functionality to make our tasks easier and more secure.

Our Team

Luis Giraldo

Founder and CEO

Matt Brictson