Frequently Asked Questions

When was the company founded?

Monkey Box began operations in March 2013, was officially incorporated in September, 2013, and beta launched publicly on October 25th, just prior to Web Summit.

Who are the founders?

Luis Giraldo is Monkey Box’s sole founder. Luis is also CEO at a boutique Managed Services IT firm in Vancouver (Ook Enterprises Ltd.). Monkey Box was born from the experience and documentation requirements Luis had for Ook’s managed services client base.

Who are the investors?

We are very excited to have received some seed funding from our trusted partners and friends at 6S Marketing, a Vancouver-based digital marketing company. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with such a dynamic team of individuals!

Who built the technology?

Monkey Box has a very close relationship with the whiz-bang team at 55 Minutes, a San Francisco-based web development company focusing on Ruby on Rails projects. 55 Minutes has been with us since inception, and will be with us for the long haul. They are our trusted technology partners.

What problem are you solving?

We’re solving the problem of insecure, decentralized information mismanagement, by allowing consultants, IT managers, small business owners, and service providers everywhere to properly document all their IT-related assets, passwords, files, notes, etc., while permitting secure collaboration.

How is it different than what is in the marketplace today?

There are actually no tools that approach this very same problem in the same manner. Documentation and collaboration are cornerstones of doing business in the digital age, and we feel service providers are going about it completely monkey-ass backwards — beginning with the fact that most providers use the most insecure vehicle available today (email) to communicate some of the most secure information.

What is the revenue model?

The revenue model is subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), with plans ranging from $10 to $99 per month plus optional add-ons. All plans include a free 15-day trial (7-day trial for the Single Monkey plan). See the pricing page for more information.

What are you hoping to accomplish at Web Summit?

We’ve always felt conferences are about meeting peers and colleagues, getting a chance to be exposed to ideas, and having the opportunity to hone our craft as business people and presenters. This year at Web Summit, our sole purpose is to speak to as many folks as we possibly can, further validating our web app.

What kind of investment are you looking for?

At this stage we are seeking angel investment for the purpose of raising capital to spend on marketing for new customer acquisition. Our technology is built and ready to take on new customers. We are also looking to meet with individuals to build relationships with for future Series A funding.

Additional Questions?

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