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Brand Name

“Monkey Box” or “Monkey Box App Inc.”

Company Description

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Monkey Box helps teams securely manage and share all their client-related data: Passwords, Devices, Notes, Files, Services, and much more!

40 Words

Monkey Box helps teams securely manage and share all their client-related data: Passwords, Devices, Notes, Files, Services, and much more! It gives high-tech service providers a platform for full team collaboration, with custom sharing capabilities and best-practice security standards.

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When it comes to managing client data, it’s a jungle out there. Enter Monkey Box. Monkey Box helps teams securely manage and share all their client-related data: Passwords, Devices, Notes, Files, Services, and much more! Designed by service providers, for service providers, it offers a platform for full team collaboration. Custom sharing capabilities and best-practice security standards allow documents to be distributed effortlessly and securely. Founded in September 2013, Monkey Box is a bright new solution for any business seeking centralized data management.

Media Questions

Who are the founders?

Luis Giraldo is Monkey Box’s sole founder. A Colombian-raised Canadian, Luis is also CEO at a boutique Managed Services IT firm in Vancouver (Ook Enterprises Ltd.). His lengthy experience and technical skills (gained from managing Ook) helped bring Monkey Box to life.

(Interesting side-note: he also helped bring Shakira’s band to life when touring as one of her musicians)

Where was the company founded?

Monkey Box was born in the Canadian rainforest — Vancouver, B.C. Vancouver has cemented its position as Canada’s hottest startup scene; we’ve continually been inspired by the works of neighbours like HootSuite and Quietly.

When was the company founded?

Monkey Box began operations in March 2013, was officially incorporated in September, 2013, and beta-launched publicly on October 25th, just prior to Web Summit.

Who built the technology?

Monkey Box has a very close relationship with the whiz-bang team at 55 Minutes, a San Francisco-based web development company focusing on Ruby on Rails projects.

Who else was involved in the project?

We collaborated with fellow Vancouver-based companies to help the Monkey Box launch reach its full potential. Our marketing is overseen by the experts at 6S Marketing, the talented folks at Drive Digital developed our website, and the creative team at We The Collective brought our brand and logo to life.

What are the benefits over your competitors?

Simply put – we don’t have any competitors. Monkey Box is not a clone; we’re a unique product, a solution to a data management problem that’s never been solved before. There are many password managers on the market, but Monkey Box is much more than a password manager. We prefer to define ourselves as “IT asset management software” because of our custom collaboration and documentation capabilities.

Use Cases

1. “Can You Email Me My Password?”

Email is THE most insecure method of data transportation. Every day, people get “phished” and their email is hacked into by evildoers. If you’ve been sending passwords over email, your email account is like a little gold mine to an evildoer.

Further, that password sitting in your email account is not only a company login, but likely also used for your PayPal account, social media profiles, etc. (not that you’d ever do that, of course…), and with one swipe, the hacker gains access to everything.

Whenever a client requests a password, a Monkey Box subscriber can:

  • Send a link to the password in Monkey Box, so that the password itself is not compromised.
  • Provide a client with an encrypted, password-protected PDF of all company passwords to keep everything secure, even if email delivery is required.
  • Provide a Monkey Box login to the client, so they can have a consolidated view of passwords grouped by general use, device or service provider, to make them easy to find and retrieve.
  • Share passwords granularly with specific individuals as needed.

2. Keeping Track of Technology

Desktops, mobiles, tablets — the value of this technology is staggering, and keeping a centralized and up-to-date record of your assets can be like herding cats. Consider a break-in or natural disaster: If your office is ransacked by thieves or fire, you can be utterly lost trying to track down serial numbers to complete police reports or insurance claims. Or, perhaps your accounting dept needs an update on the company’s assets for proper capital depreciation deductions. Whether you need an up-to-date picture of the company’s assets, forget your iPad at a coffee shop, or suffer a break-in, Monkey Box can:

  • Store serial numbers and insurance files. A PDF copy of your insurance policy can be stored in Monkey Box along with your policy number and renewal date. Monkey Box can then email you when your insurance renewal is up.
  • Document asset information for devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and associated contacts, files, and/or passwords.

3. IT consultant “gets hit by a bus”

What happens when the person that manages your company’s IT assets leaves the company suddenly? The sad truth is that bad things will happen:

  • Nobody else knows the passwords to the servers and devices
  • Consultant never documented anything properly
  • Nobody knows the file backup procedure (or how to restore lost/deleted data)

What does this all mean? Lost data, lost time, lost productivity, and lost revenue.

Documentation is a real problem because the traditional methods of documenting this information (“IT binder”, documentation reports) are out of date the second they are printed – if not already so. Even a text document on the company server precludes multiple people from accessing the data simultaneously, and is not properly maintained for this very reason.

But not all consultants are evil – many consultants lose sleep at night wanting to provide a better and more transparent way of documenting their clients’ information. With Monkey Box, an IT consultant can:

  • Consistently document information across all his clients in the same way
  • Provide his clients with access to their data
  • Give contractors or third parties access to specific passwords or notes/files without compromising other sensitive data

Press Releases

October 26, 2013
Vancouver’s Monkey Box chosen as WebSummit startup; launches online solution for keeping company secrets safe (as featured in The Vancouver Sun)

October 23, 2013
Monkey Box IT Asset Management Startup Launches for Web Summit Dublin