IT Glue Acquires Monkey Box

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that IT Glue has acquired Monkey Box! Just short of four years ago, I set out to fill a significant void in my IT company’s documentation processes by creating Monkey Box, a tool that … Read More

Feature: New Interface Release

We’re very excited to bring you one of our biggest releases yet: a complete interface re-design! Here are some of the features and changes that come along with this interface release: Newly redesigned interface Add client info (Address, Phone Number) … Read More

Feature: Auto-saved Drafts

Auto-saved Drafts: All records are now saved as drafts (on a per-user basis) on the server to prevent an expired user session from causing loss of entered data Device Icons: We’ve added many more icons from the Font Awesome library … Read More

Feature: Two-Factor Authentication

We’re excited to announce our two-factor authentication release. We’ve implemented an OTP-compliant solution, which means you can use Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password, or any future OTP-compliant authenticator. Two-factor authentication: Monkey Box users may now enable two-factor authentication to further protect … Read More

Feature: Password Linking and Expanded Column Sorting

Password links: It is now possible to re-associate passwords to other objects. 2014/10/17 Column Sorting: Any table can now be sorted by any one column, ascending or descending. 2014/08/15 Passwords: Password fields now allow more than 85 characters (yep, somebody … Read More

Feature: Asset Tags

Asset tags: Devices now have a new searchable asset tag field Links: Fixed overly-cautious HTML sanitizing to allow links to external pages within note fields Updates: General environment and security checks, patches, and updates

Feature: HTTP Links

URLs: Any URLs entered without a protocol will now use http by default when clicked Links: Added a “Support & FAQs” link to the user menu

Feature: URL Field Memorizer

URL Fields: URL fields will offer remembered URLs already in use with the specific client Search: Contact search now accepts a complete name search Security: Addressed OpenSSL CVE-2014-0224

Security Update – Heartbleed Bug

Imagine walking into your bank with a 1000 post-it notes, handing them to the teller and asking him or her to write down your credit card number for you. In theory, only one post-it note is needed to write down … Read More

Monkey Box Releases Watchman Monitoring Integration

As part of our 1.0 release, we are proud to announce our integration with Watchman Monitoring. The Watchman Monitoring integration allows subscribers to link their Monkey Box Clients with respective Watchman Monitoring Client Groups, which triggers automatic import and synchronization … Read More