IT Glue Acquires Monkey Box

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that IT Glue has acquired Monkey Box! Just short of four years ago, I set out to fill a significant void in my IT company’s documentation processes by creating Monkey Box, a tool that … Read More

Feature: New Interface Release

We’re very excited to bring you one of our biggest releases yet: a complete interface re-design! Here are some of the features and changes that come along with this interface release: Newly redesigned interface Add client info (Address, Phone Number) … Read More

Feature: Auto-saved Drafts

Auto-saved Drafts: All records are now saved as drafts (on a per-user basis) on the server to prevent an expired user session from causing loss of entered data Device Icons: We’ve added many more icons from the Font Awesome library … Read More

Feature: Two-Factor Authentication

We’re excited to announce our two-factor authentication release. We’ve implemented an OTP-compliant solution, which means you can use Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password, or any future OTP-compliant authenticator. Two-factor authentication: Monkey Box users may now enable two-factor authentication to further protect … Read More

Feature: Password Linking and Expanded Column Sorting

Password links: It is now possible to re-associate passwords to other objects. 2014/10/17 Column Sorting: Any table can now be sorted by any one column, ascending or descending. 2014/08/15 Passwords: Password fields now allow more than 85 characters (yep, somebody … Read More

Feature: Asset Tags

Asset tags: Devices now have a new searchable asset tag field Links: Fixed overly-cautious HTML sanitizing to allow links to external pages within note fields Updates: General environment and security checks, patches, and updates

Feature: HTTP Links

URLs: Any URLs entered without a protocol will now use http by default when clicked Links: Added a “Support & FAQs” link to the user menu

Feature: URL Field Memorizer

URL Fields: URL fields will offer remembered URLs already in use with the specific client Search: Contact search now accepts a complete name search Security: Addressed OpenSSL CVE-2014-0224

Security Update – Heartbleed Bug

Imagine walking into your bank with a 1000 post-it notes, handing them to the teller and asking him or her to write down your credit card number for you. In theory, only one post-it note is needed to write down … Read More

One Sure-fire Sign You Are Compromising Your Clients’ Data

1. Sending passwords and logins by email. This is a sure-fire way of compromising clients’ data, as email transport is highly insecure*. When it comes to B2B (Business to Business), many businesses have lots of other businesses as clients. Without … Read More