Devices (Concepts)

Devices are a key component of Monkey Box, and can be created in two places: The “Add a device” action in the Passwords area The “Add a device” action in the Devices area Examples of devices might include: Servers Laptops and workstations Mobile devices … Read More

Logging Work Performed on Devices

When performing work on a specific device, a perfect way to keep track of what work was performed is by using device-specific notes. Find the device you’d like to add a note for, and click its link In the “Additional … Read More

Importing Devices from System Information Files (Mac)

Using System Information App You can use one or more saved SPX files from Mac OS X computers in order to import Devices into Monkey Box automatically. SPX files are created by the “System Information” app (10.7+) or System Profiler … Read More

Importing Devices from System Information (Windows)

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, and Server 2012 have a built-in tool called System Information. Monkey Box can parse a saved System Information file to import the device. Launch System Information (Start > run > msinfo32) … Read More