IT Glue Acquires Monkey Box

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that IT Glue has acquired Monkey Box! Just short of four years ago, I set out to fill a significant void in my IT company’s documentation processes by creating Monkey Box, a tool that … Read More

Monkey Box Releases Watchman Monitoring Integration

As part of our 1.0 release, we are proud to announce our integration with Watchman Monitoring. The Watchman Monitoring integration allows subscribers to link their Monkey Box Clients with respective Watchman Monitoring Client Groups, which triggers automatic import and synchronization … Read More

Monkey Box IT Asset Management Startup Launches for Web Summit Dublin

When it comes to managing client-related data, it’s a true jungle out there. Enter Monkey Box. An exciting new startup straight from the Canadian rainforest, Monkey Box is aimed at helping high-tech service providers document assets, passwords, files and much … Read More