Security Update – Heartbleed Bug

Imagine walking into your bank with a 1000 post-it notes, handing them to the teller and asking him or her to write down your credit card number for you. In theory, only one post-it note is needed to write down … Read More

One Sure-fire Sign You Are Compromising Your Clients’ Data

1. Sending passwords and logins by email. This is a sure-fire way of compromising clients’ data, as email transport is highly insecure*. When it comes to B2B (Business to Business), many businesses have lots of other businesses as clients. Without … Read More

Monkey Box Releases Watchman Monitoring Integration

As part of our 1.0 release, we are proud to announce our integration with Watchman Monitoring. The Watchman Monitoring integration allows subscribers to link their Monkey Box Clients with respective Watchman Monitoring Client Groups, which triggers automatic import and synchronization … Read More

Web Summit: It’s All About the Disposition!

VP Marketing Chris Breikss and I headed to Dublin last week to partake in the Web Summit (now “The Summit”) conference. WOW! Already a massive conference by any standard, we were totally psyched to be a part of it. Monkey … Read More

Building a Waffle

Go ahead, try and change a waffle. Not possible. One can adorn it, garnish it, or whatever, but a waffle is a waffle. What’s my point? Well, when setting out to build Monkey Box, I was enchanted by the idea … Read More

Vancouver Sun’s Gillian Shaw talks about Monkey Box

As an IT consultant, I had a wealthy client many years ago, with whom I had a great, friendly relationship. One day over coffee, I nonchalantly asked him what he thought the secret to his business success and wealth was. … Read More

Monkey Box Swings into Web Summit

Monkey Box is swinging into Web Summit in Dublin this October, and we’re going full-out bananas. Why Web Summit? Its the SXSW of Ireland — but we think it does a wee bit more for startups than its Texan cousin. … Read More

Monkey Box IT Asset Management Startup Launches for Web Summit Dublin

When it comes to managing client-related data, it’s a true jungle out there. Enter Monkey Box. An exciting new startup straight from the Canadian rainforest, Monkey Box is aimed at helping high-tech service providers document assets, passwords, files and much … Read More

Real Artists Ship

“Real Artists Ship” is a well-known quote by Steve Jobs, that refers to how important it is to actually deliver a product (if that’s what one has set out to do). These three words have been a driving force behind … Read More