When setting out to provide a functionality for keeping notes and other information, we thought long and hard about whether building a category system (or similar) would make sense. Ultimately, we decided that this “funnels” the behaviour too much, and instead opted to keep the system fairly “free”. What this means, is that the way users title Notes and Files will become very important. This also allows each subscriber and their organization, however, to build a nomenclature system that suits them much better than trying to adapt to a constrained category system.

How we recommend titling Notes and Files is by using a well-thought-out prefix system. For instance, in our Notes list, we have items like this:

  • Application – Virtual Time Clock
  • Licensing – Mac OS X (10.8)
  • Licensing – Microsoft Office 2011
  • Procedure – New User Set-Up

In the list above, Application describes what an application is/does, where it’s installed, and anything particular about its use. Licensing is a note that contains licensing information, and Procedure simply describes how to set up a new user.

If adhered to, this simple prefixing system can be expanded upon as needed, and keep things nice and organized. It’s also very easy to search using your browser’s built-in search functionality as everything (prefix – title) is already displayed on the page.

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