Release Notes


  • Newly redesigned interface
  • Add client info (Address, Phone Number) for displaying at the bottom of the nav sidebar
  • Customizable Lists
  • Customizable Columns in tables
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Support for Gravatar (Users and Contacts)
  • Contact Photo/Image
  • Ability to export records (the ones that allow exporting) by in-view columns or all columns
  • Ability to add client contact info (displays at bottom of left sidebar)
  • Ability to manage Service Providers
  • Ability to delete a Service Provider and replace with existing (re-maps records to new Service Provider)
  • Tags extended to all objects
  • Ability to manage all tags
  • Per-record access log (footer of record)
  • Per-record version history (footer of record)
  • List of deleted records specifically in admin section
  • Bulk Editing of most records, including domains (so they can be quickly linked to one Service Provider)
  • Ability to link Domains to Servicer Provider when creating in bulk
  • Short URLs for all records – Easy to share records without providing too much context in the URL


  • Auto-saved Drafts: All records are now saved as drafts (on a per-user basis) on the server to prevent an expired user session from causing loss of entered data
  • Device Icons: We’ve added many more icons from the Font Awesome library to enrich the display of devices within lists
  • Archived Records: It is now possible to archive (hide) any records that are no longer needed but should be kept around for historical purposes
  • Ability to manage Service Providers: Available to admins and subscription owners, lists of Service Providers can now be managed
  • Ability to whitelist IPs: Ideal for preventing session expiry from a provider’s headquarters, for instance
  • Warranty Expiry field on devices: Allows easy tracking of device warranty expiration
  • Read-only Permission: Allows giving access to users that shouldn’t be permitted to make changes
  • Passwords for contacts: Passwords can now be attached to contacts
  • Password CSV Import/Export: We now allow subscription admins and owners to leverage the power of CSV imports and exports to manipulate data coming in or out of Monkey Box
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: We now have a number of in-app keyboard shortcuts available to speed up navigation within the app


  • Two-factor authentication: Monkey Box users may now enable two-factor authentication to further protect access to their accounts
  • Password Batch Editing: It is now possible to batch-edit passwords, allowing users to make changes to multiple password records at once
  • Terminology: We’ve changed the term “Permissions” (when referring to Users) to, you guessed it…”Users” (what were we thinking?)
  • Announcements: This feature is administrative, but will allow the Monkey Box team to display in-app announcement banners to all users, in case an urgent message needs to be communicated
  • Local Time: Wherever Monkey Box is displaying creation/modification times, these will now display in the user’s local browser time
  • Email addresses not required: When creating a Contact, email addresses are no longer required


  • Password links: It is now possible to re-associate passwords to other objects.


  • Column Sorting: Any table can now be sorted by any one column, ascending or descending.


  • Passwords: Password fields now allow more than 85 characters (yep, somebody tried)
  • Login: Upon loading app login page, cursor is placed in the username field automatically
  • Support: New Monkey Box Support Community – Click here for more info


  • Asset tags: Devices now have a new searchable asset tag field
  • Links: Fixed overly-cautious HTML sanitizing to allow links to external pages within note fields
  • Updates: General environment and security checks, patches, and updates


  • URLs: Any URLs entered without a protocol will now use http by default when clicked
  • Links: Added a “Support & FAQs” link to the user menu


  • CSS: Resolved a CSS issue causing a sidebar overlap when subscription warning banners are present


  • Versions: Resolved a bug that would prevent deleted records from showing in Versions history
  • Versions: Made title of Versions entries consistent with expanded Version view


  • URL Fields: URL fields will offer remembered URLs already in use with the specific client
  • Search: Contact search now accepts a complete name search
  • Security: Addressed OpenSSL CVE-2014-0224


  • De-personalized linked devices, now using term “Linked Devices”
  • Allow unlinking a contact from a device

2014/01/11 – 1.0 Release

  • Watchman Monitoring Integration
  • Tables within Notes
  • Password sorting – Device passwords and Service Provider passwords now sorted by device and service provider, respectively.
  • Password display – Allow passwords to remain visible (20-second timeout) if the Monkey Box browser page is not in focus
  • General UI improvements
  • Fixed-width font for password display
  • Single-click select for MAC addresses, IP addresses, and serial numbers
  • Addition of dedicated database server

2013/10/30 – Our initial public beta release!