Go ahead, try and change a waffle. Not possible. One can adorn it, garnish it, or whatever, but a waffle is a waffle. What’s my point? Well, when setting out to build Monkey Box, I was enchanted by the idea of a gazillion features, admittedly.

Building a WaffleThe Lean Startup was a great way to hone in on the batter, so to speak, and is ultimately what allowed me to be OK with dropping features and functionality that were not necessary for the core MVP (minimum viable product). But viable doesn’t necessarily mean functional, it just means viable – just like some goo in the shape of a waffle ain’t a waffle.

So began the process of vetting functionality, which I really enjoyed. Putting the app through its paces – eating my own dog food – was a key component to maintaining the direction and feature requirements for Monkey Box, while allowing ourselves to experience the functionality first-hand. Our dev team at 55 Minutes was critically instrumental in facilitating this process. These guys are so talented at what they do, that they made (and continue to make) this process seem extremely easy. But to quote Jason Freid and David Heinemeier Hansson (from their book Rework), “Easy is a word that’s used to describe other people’s jobs.”, and so I plan on NOT using it anymore when referring to their work.

At Ook Enterprises, we’ve been using the app in production for many months now, and I can honestly say that I don’t know how we ever lived without it. My vision for it is simple, however: build a waffle. I could go all-out and find stuff to bolt on, things to integrate with, and provide a perception of value through features, but I think I’d be doing it all wrong. Perhaps time will allow it to evolve in ways I can’t possibly imagine at the moment, but right now the goal is simplicity. Simplicity and deliciousness – a waffle.

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