When it comes to managing client-related data, it’s a true jungle out there. Enter Monkey Box. An exciting new startup straight from the Canadian rainforest, Monkey Box is aimed at helping high-tech service providers document assets, passwords, files and much more — with full team collaboration and the utmost security.

Monkey Box offers a unique IT asset management software-as-a-service (Saas) web application that brings many often-separated areas of information into a central documentation management platform.

Says Monkey Box founder Luis Giraldo, “There is nothing like it in the marketplace today. Monkey Box is so much more than a personal password manager or simple file storage. It’s unique in that it contextualizes many elements within a larger playing field. For instance, ‘Passwords‘ can be associated with ‘Devices‘ or ‘Services,’ ‘Devices’ can be associated with ‘Contacts,’ ‘Services’ can be associated with ‘Service Providers’, etc. This structured approach to information management allows our subscribers to be consistent in their documentation, while having the ultimate amount of flexibility in how they track and share the information.”

Monkey Box offers a free 15-day trial. Regular monthly pricing ranges from $19 (Single Monkey) to $99 (Gorilla).

Monkey Box has a booth at Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland October 30-31 where they will be demonstrating the tool to fellow primates.

For more information contact marketing@monkeybox.com.

Monkey Box
1235 Richards Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 3G3

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