As part of our 1.0 release, we are proud to announce our integration with Watchman Monitoring.

The Watchman Monitoring integration allows subscribers to link their Monkey Box Clients with respective Watchman Monitoring Client Groups, which triggers automatic import and synchronization of computer records into Monkey Box. Once in Monkey Box, these computer records can be added to, with information like Passwords, Notes, Files, network information, and more.

This integration should be very exciting for our subscribers as it will allow for greater visibility of already-monitored computers within the Monkey Box interface, while reducing double-entry to a minimum.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Watchman Monitoring, a great product that can bring amazing value to our subscribers.

For more information on setting up and using this integration, please visit this link. For additional information about this release, please visit our Release Notes page.

About Monkey Box

Monkey Box helps teams securely manage and share all their client-related data: Passwords, Devices, Notes, Files, Services, and much more! It gives high-tech service providers a platform for full team collaboration, with custom sharing capabilities and best-practice security standards.

Learn more at https://monkeybox.com/drive/about

About Watchman Monitoring

Watchman Monitoring is a solution that allows Mac and Linux administrators to monitor entire fleets of computers for potential issues, receive notices when trouble is detected, and enjoy centralized reporting through a web-based interface.

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