1. Sending passwords and logins by email.datathief

This is a sure-fire way of compromising clients’ data, as email transport is highly insecure*.

When it comes to B2B (Business to Business), many businesses have lots of other businesses as clients. Without a proper system with which to share secret information with them, most will simply resort to email, completely ignoring how insecure it actually is.

Take a web design shop for instance. Web design companies often need access to the login information for their clients’ domain registrar information. When they request it, it just gets sent over in an email. I shudder just thinking about this, because at the domain registrar level, an evil-doer can cause inordinate amounts of problems, from redirecting email to redirecting websites, etc. causing extreme damage to a business. I don’t want to make it sound like web design firms are evil though – this issue plagues just about every business I’ve ever had an interaction with.

With Monkey Box, a provider can give its clients access to a secure web-based system to share this information safely and easily, without having to expose critical business information through email.

Say goodbye to insecure email once and for all – sign up for a trial today!

*For some additional reading on why email is insecure, please check out some of these articles:
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