“Real Artists Ship” is a well-known quote by Steve Jobs, that refers to how important it is to actually deliver a product (if that’s what one has set out to do). These three words have been a driving force behind the motivation to get Monkey Box ready for public consumption. I’ve been lucky enough to rely on the expertise and drive of our development team at 55 Minutes, the unrelenting and motivating influence of our marketing VP Chris Breikss, and most importantly the complete trust and encouragement of my wife and others very close to the project. These ventures are hardly ever without their challenges though, monetary or otherwise, but the fun is truly in the journey, if I may say so.

Real Artists Ship

Coming from the managed services IT industry (I am also CEO at a boutique IT consultancy – Ook Enterprises), documentation is a real challenge. For starters, we manage A LOT of information, which:

  1. changes on a daily basis
  2. is very difficult to share methodically
  3. is sensitive and confidential
  4. belongs to the client
  5. requires transparency and consistency in how it is documented

So what are most providers doing today? You actually don’t want to know – let’s just say it’s not ideal. In any case, it was a big problem for Ook, and from what I’ve learned, is still quite the problem for most IT providers I’ve interviewed and interacted with.

Welcome to Monkey Box – we really hope we can help you and your organization with this challenge.


Founder and CEO

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  1. Allen Hancock

    Nicely done Luis, congrats on bringing a dream to reality.

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