As an IT consultant, I had a wealthy client many years ago, with whom I had a great, friendly relationship. One day over coffee, I nonchalantly asked him what he thought the secret to his business success and wealth was. The answer was surprising to me then, but today I find it made quite the indelible mark. He said, “Make something accessible (affordable), that everybody needs.” In the years to follow, I must’ve dreamt up at least a dozen gadgets and fads that would get me to the “next level”.

Monkey Box takes to Mainstream

Soon forgetting about those gadgets, I continued on with IT consulting, always trying to keep transparency at the forefront of my dealings with all clients. When the idea for Monkey Box started to materialize, I was very much reminded of this old client, and his words of wisdom.

Seeing Monkey Box today in the Vancouver Sun in an article written by Gillian Shaw, gave me a glimpse of what Monkey Box could really be: a mainstream collaboration tool that solves a real problem. Great business ideas can be hard to validate, but I have hope that there is an opportunity for our little problem-solver.

Check out the article here.

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